“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Ha Tien – the wonderful scenery of Kien Giang province


Ha Tien Town had been the develop area in the 18th century. This land had welcomed the traders who come from India, Myanmar and China. It has been well known by the wonderful scenery and appeared in the poems through the time. Ha Tien Town is located in the north of Kien Giang Province. The town had been the center of Kien Giang Province till the time this role be replaced by Rach Gia City later.
Now Ha Tien Town is one of the attractive destinations of Kien Giang Province. It is combined with some route to Chau Doc City of An Giang Province by the convenient position. Especially the town is the important place to connect Phu Quoc Island by the sea if visitor who love to come Phu Quoc Island by boat.  
Furthermore, Ha Tien Town is close with the border with Cambodia, so there are some trips connected Ha Tien Town to Kampot and then Sihanoukville and Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia through the border gate named Xa Xia Border Gate. This is one of the very interesting trips from Vietnam to the famous destinations of Cambodia for the beach holidays.

Commune: There are 5 wards in Ha Tien such as Binh San, Dong Ho, My Duc, Phao Dai and To Chau. Ha Tien has 2 communes as Thuan Yen and Tien Hai Communes. Besides, there are some small islands that belongs the town such as Hai Tac Island, Doc Islet, Long Islet etc.
Tourist places: Binh San Ward, Dong Ho Ward, To Chau Ward and Hai Tac Island.
Climate: There are two seasons in Ha Tien Town with the rain time from May to October and the dry time from November to April. The average temperature here is 27 C degree. The best time for travelling to this town is in the dry time.  
Transportation: Travel conveniently by land and sea way to the town and from it to other places.
The distance is for reference as below:
From Ha Tien to Phu Quoc Island: 45 km by the sea
From Ha Tien to Rach Gia City: 91 km
From Ha Tien to Can Tho City:  201 km
From Ha Tien to Long Xuyen City:  134 km
From Ha Tien to Chau Doc City:  94 km
From Ha Tien to Ho Chi Minh City:  309 km
From Ha Tien to Sihanoukville, Cambodia:  580 km


Mui Nai Beach: Mui Nai Beach is the most famous beach of Ha Tien Town and the Mekong Delta. The beach has its special features that with the brown sand. It is quite different with white sand or yellow sand beaches that as usual by the feature of the beach in Mekong Delta. Mui Nai Beach is located far from Ha Tien Center about 10 km for transfer.
Duong Beach: Duong Beach is located far from Ha Tien Center about 30 km. The beach is about 2 km long with the pale yellow. This beach is not famous as much as Mui Nai Beach. It is the calm beach for people who love the quiet.
Ta Lu Beach: Ta Lu Beach is located far from Mui Nai Beach about 800m. This is the wonderful place for viewing of the landscape around with the islands inshore and offshore.  
Thach Dong Attraction: Thach Dong Attraction is one of 10 attractions in the history of Ha Tien. This is the steep limestone mountain with the empty inside as a special huge cave. It is about 90 m high from the sea level. There is a pagoda in the cave and stalactites. Thach Dong Attraction is located far from Ha Tien Town about 5 km.    
Hang Pagoda: Hang Pagoda is one of the famous destination belongs to Hon Chong Attraction. This is the pagoda inside a mountain as in the cave. There is the huge Buddha Statue in here. Beside there is one gate of the cave that lead you to the sea with the wonderful view. The pagoda is located far from Ha Tien Center about 30 km.
Binh San Mountain:  Binh San Mountain is the ideal place for view of Ha Tien Town. It is about 50 m high. The mountain is the inspiration for the poetry because of its wonderful view. The mountain is located far from Ha Tien Center about 1 km.
Hon Chong Attraction: Hon Chong Attraction is the area with 3.000m in square. It is called the tourists place in general in which there are different famous destinations such as Hang Pagoda, Duong Beach, Phu Tu Islet etc. Hon Chong Attraction is located far from Ha Tien center about 30 km.
Phu Tu Islet: Phu Tu Islet is the stone islet inshore. It is special because of the shape of stone that attached with the touching story about the fatherhood as a legend. This islet is one of the important symbols of Ha Tien Town. Phu Tu Islet is located in the area of Hon Chong Attraction.
To Chau Bridge: To Chau Bridge is 500 m long, it connects two banks of the Giang Thanh River in Ha Tien Town. The bridge is proud of Ha Tien’s people for the development and transportation convenient. This is the great place for view of the different parts of the town.
To Chau Mountain:  To Chau Mountain is located in To Chau Ward. Conquer this mountain; you can reach the calm picture around with the pagoda in the mountain and wonderful view at the bottom of the mountain.  
Mac Cuu Tomb:  Mac Cuu Family Tomb is the important historical destination in Ha Tien Town. It is like the place for memory about the works that Mac Cuu and his family had done to build up Ha Tien Town from the beginning days. Mac Cuu Tomb is located in Binh San Mountain. And this is also one of the ten famous attractions in Ha Tien Town.
Hai Tach Island:  This is one of the new destinations of Ha Tien Town offshore. Hai Tac Island is called the paradise for visitors who love the wild landscape and beach time.


The Death Anniversary of Mac Cuu: The anniversary is organized in May in the lunar time each year to remember Mac Cuu and the people who had contributed to build up Ha Tien from the beginning time.
Tao dan Chieu Anh Cac Festival: This is the very big event in Ha Tien Town with many meaningful activities to review and remember the works in the fields to build up Ha Tien Town through the time. The event is happened in January in the lunar time each year.  
And there are many other unique festivals in the town.

Local specialties

Ha Tien Town is famous place with delicious dishes in simple way in cooking. There are the dishes you should taste if you come here such as local noodle, sticky rice, crab rice, herring salad and many other tasty specialties.