“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Phu Quoc – The Pearl Island of Vietnam


Phu Quoc Island is the very famous island of Vietnam. The island belongs to Kien Giang Province. It is located in Thai Lan Bay and to the south west of the country. The island is called the Pearl Island for beach holiday. It is also the Biosphere Reserves of the world recognized by UNESCO in 2006.  
Recently, Phu Quoc Island is still one of the best islands for beach holiday with the non-stop development of resorts and amusements in the country. There are even the direct flights from some countries to the island such as Singapore, Cambodia, Korea, Russia and Sweden.

Commune: There are two towns and 8 communes in Phu Quoc Island. They are Duong Dong Town, An Thoi Town, Bai Thom Commune, Cua Can Commune, Cua Duong Commune, Ganh Dau Commune, Ham Ninh Commune etc.   
Tourist places: Duong Dong Town, An Thoi Town, Cua Can Commune, Cua Duong and Ham Ninh Communes.
Climate: The climate in Phu Quoc Island is not complicated. It is cool. There is the rain time in the island from the end of April to the beginning of October. The dry time is the rest months. The good time for travelling to Phu Quoc Island is considered that from the end of November to the beginning of March each year.
Transportation: Travel conveniently by the sea and airline to the island and from it to other places.
The distance is for reference as below:
From Phu Quoc Island to Rach Gia City: 120 km
From Phu Quoc Island to Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province: 45 km
From Phu Quoc Island to Ho Chi Minh City:  500 km
From Phu Quoc Island to the South of Cambodia:  15 km by the sea


Sao Beach: the beach is considered one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc Island. The beach is more than 7 km long with the white and soft sand beach. Sao Beach is located to the south of the island. It is far from Duong Dong Town center about 30 km.   
Dai Beach: It is famous as much as Sao Beach. Dai Beach has arranged as one of the top ten best beaches of the world by BBC. Dai Beach is about more than 1km long. It is located in the northwest of the island.
Khem Beach: Khem Beach is the wild sand beach. There is the specialty in this area like fish salad. The beach is located in the south of the island. It is far from Duong Dong Town center more than 20 km.   
Ham Ninh Fish Village:  Ham Ninh Fish Village is one of the most ancient fish villages in Vietnam. It is over 100 years old. This is one of the ideal place for view the sunset. Ham Ninh Fish Village is located far from Duong Dong Town about 20 km to the northeast.
Tranh Spring: The spring is famous by the romantic view with the wild nature and wonderful stream. Tranh Spring is located in Ham Ninh Mountain. It is far from Duong Dong Town more than 10 km to the northeast.  
Da Ngon Spring: Compared with some very famous spring and waterfalls in the Highland, Da Ngon Spring likes the seven levels waterfall with the best view of the impressive nature. Da Ngon Spring is located to the northeast of the island.
Dinh Cau Rock: The place is attached with Dinh Cau Temple that is very sacred to the habitants in the island. Dinh Cau Rock is the second wonderful place for view of the sunset in the island after the famous location of Ham Ninh Fish Village.  
Pepper Garden: Phu Quoc Island is the home of peppers, so pepper garden is also the attractive destination for visiting. You can find here the green pepper fields and taste the good pepper from here interestingly.
Fish Sauce Barrel Houses: this is the local factories to produce their fish sauce. You may know more about the way of producing the fish sauce traditionally here. And also you have chance to taste the best flavor fish sauce in the barrel house.
And there are different places for you to explore in the island.


Nghinh Ong Festival: this is one of the important festivals in the island. It is meaningful festival to fishmen. The festival is happened in the middle of August in the lunar time each year.  
Racing Boat Festival: the racing boat festival is organized in April 30th each year. The racing boat is happened in the communes as a traditional festival.
And there are many other unique festivals in the island.

Local specialties

Phu Quoc Island is famous with fresh seafood of course. However there are some type of seafood and specialties that are so good more than other places such as herring salad, sea urchin, steamed squid, crab. Beside there are other specialties that you should know like local mango, fish sauce, pepper, Sim wine, local mushrooms, Mat Cat sticky rice cake, etc.