“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Visit Hanoi Vietnam in the autumn

Hanoi Vietnam is the best place for autumn. It is the time from September to November annually. Come here you breath the fresh air in the nice weather of the capital and can enjoy the romantic pictures from the destinations around the city.
Hanoi Vietnam can bring the best feeling to anybody about the autumn. There are at least 5 reasons to emphasize why you should visit Hanoi in this period:

The nice weather

There are 4 seasons in Hanoi Vietnam, and the autumn from September to November is considered the ideal time for visiting because the pleasant climate. It is cool without rain or sunny time so much. The average temperature in here is about 25 C degree but it is so cool in the afternoon each day in the season.

Romantic sights

Thanks to the weather of the season, the sights in Hanoi Vietnam have to be more attractive than other time in the year. You can find out the lake impressed by the trees with their yellow to red leaves along the lakes and streets. They make Hanoi Vietnam to be calm and romantic. Hanoi Autumn is the great topic for poems and music from the olden days. Till now it is still there the fascinated place with the beautiful sights for modern poetry.  

Hanoi and aroma

Hanoi Vietnam has its special aroma in the autumn by some type of plants with their flowering. Some corners from the ancient city, there are the old trees that give the passionate fragrance. Anyone who have chance to enjoy this fragrance, remember to Hanoi Vietnam with autumn aroma always.

Hanoi and color

Hanoi Vietnam in the normal time is the city with some bustling corners under the role of the capital of the country. However the autumn time, the bustling status is pushed back by the yellow and red color from the autumn leaves and autumn atmosphere. People all seem to live slower, the time goes by slower to by the great color from the autumn.

Hanoi and specialties

Hanoi Vietnam has some typical specialties in autumn such as “cốm” and “quả sấu”. “Cốm” is the young rice gives the great flavor through the hard processing. There are different dishes prepared from cốm that you may taste to discover the local cuisine with specific features. 

Beside “quả sấu” is also the local seasoning wonderful fruit for local dishes that you are not easy to find out in other places.