“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Nihiwatu Resort – an ideal place for holidays

Someday ago, Nihiwatu Resort has been the popular name talked about in the magazines, travel news. It is a phenomena attracted attention from all people. It is time for us to know a little bit about this name.
Nihiwatu Resort is considered the best resort in Indonesia. It is arranged in the top of the best resorts for tourists last day by Travel & Leisure readers. Nihiwatu Resort is located in Sumba Island to the south east of the country. It takes us about 50 minutes by flight from Bali. The points of Nihiwatu Resort are not only about infrastructure following the world’s most resort or the management or good services or rich programs; but also the activities that the resort contribute to Samba habitants. It is said that 1 portion of the profit from Nihiwatu Resort is added into The Foundation Sumba. Many water wells have been established to serve the need of fresh water to the local habitants. Many primary schools are supported children’s lunch twice per week. Many schools are supported to be renewed. Some medical clinics have been established too. And many children are supported with the good nutritive program.

Nihiwatu Resort may be an ideal sample of resort in the world today. It gives the wonderful value to the local people. It is developed and takes the local place that is developed too. There is the value combination between the businessmen with the improvement of local people life. It makes the worth movement in harmony. So come here the tourists who have chance to enjoy the best services, the amazing sightseeing, the rich program for their holidays and gain the great understanding about local life with the exciting. They have the value of both relax to body and soul.

Many people are considered that they voted to Nihiwatu Resort in the first position in the list of best resorts in the world by different reasons but the most important help they decide easily that is the spirit of the resort that contributes to the community. Some others high value the way of operating of Nihiwatu Resort. It is really the very smart strategy and sustainability for different aspects such as the businessmen, community and local development.