“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Ta Xua Mountain

The sea of clouds in Ta Xua Mountain
Ta Xua is one of the great places for conquering and photographing in Son La Province. The mountain is located in Bac Yen Town. It is far from the town about 15 km and more than 200 km from Hanoi. Ta Xua Mountain attracts many people by the romantic natural picture with the green of forest hidden in the clouds.
It is called the sea of clouds just inches from your head if you conquer the mountain. There are the rich ecosystem with a variety of trees and wild flowers. They bring you the spectacular beauty of the forest and mountain. On the road to the top of the mountain, some cliffs are on the way that is not easy to overcome but they create the excitement to people who love to climb. In the road of the conquering, you may have the wonderful moment to view the undulating ethnic houses from the villages located in the foothill. 

The highest of Ta Xua Mountain is in the 2.650 m high. This is the amazing location for viewing around, enjoying the fresh air and photographing. Ta Xua Mountain is considered the ideal place for fabulous photos. There are many photographers who come here for their exalted photos. Although the distance from Bac Yen town to the mountain is about 15 km but it is usually the tour with 2 days 1 night for visiting. The tour is unforgettable time because visitor will have a waiting time for aurora. This is the worthy moment in the top of Ta Xua Mountain when many people wish to experience. And the appropriate time for enjoying this valued moment is from December to March of the year because of the good weather in these months. One of special point is to make Ta Xua Mountain become the great place for photographing because you may take photos till noon. It is not same with some other places in the Northwest where the time for photographing is short just some moments. That is the reason why there are some peak periods when Ta Xua Mountain welcomes many photographer come for their works. They camp in different places in the mountain to hunt the best moment of the dawn appeared brightly and gradually from the sea clouds.

Recently Ta Xua Mountain is one of the attractive destinations in the tours to Northwest, especially to Son La Province. It is the combined with the time to visit MocChau District where is famous with the endless tea hills.