“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Moc Chau - perfect natural picture in the highland of the North Vietnam


Moc Chau Town is the famous tourist town in the high land in the North of Vietnam. It is belongs to Son La Province and is the border town that located in the South East of the province.
Talk about Moc Chau Town, there is the Moc Chau Plateau reminded to you in any way. The town is also the valued eco-tourism town of Son La province. Moc Chau Town is bordered with Van Ho District to the East, with Yen Chau District to the West and with Phu Yen District to the North and with Lao to the South.

Commune: There are more than 20 communes in the town. They are Muong Sang, Muong Te, Quang Minh, Suoi Bang, Chieng Yen, Long Sap and other communes.  
Tourist places: Moc Chau Town center, Muong Te commune, Quang Minh commune.
Climate: Moc Chau Town has its highland climate. The average temperature is from 18 to 20 C degree. There are 4 season in the year and the climate is wonderful for coming here in the whole year. However, the best time for travelling in the town is from November to March
Transportation: Travel conveniently by land to the town and from it to other places.
The distance is for reference as below:
From Moc Chau to Ha Noi Capital: 189 km
From Moc Chau to Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province: 63 km
From Moc Chau to Thai Nguyen Province:  255 km
From Moc Chau to Tuyen Quang Province:  246 km
From Moc Chau to Yen Bai Province:  196 km
From Moc Chau to Son La Province:  195 km
From Moc Chau to Dien Bien Phu City:  273 km


Pha Luong Mountain: the famous mountain in the town, with its high is 2.000m. The mountain is located in the East of the town. Conquer the mountain to enjoy the amazing natural picture here is one of the best thing that tourists should do.  
Pine forest in Ang Village: this is the fascinating place for travelling with the large lake and pine forest. In here there is the simple and peaceful village where you may understand the simple life of the local people with their typical feature of the local culture and tradition.
Tropical Flower Garden: Moc Chau Town has its ideal climate so this is the wonderful land for tropical flowers. The Tropical Flower Garden is located in Dong Sang Commune. You can find here many type of tropical flowers in which there are different beautiful and valued orchids.  
Five caves in On Village:  this is the system of 5 caves. These caves are hidden in the forest. It is not easy to conquer this place because the difficulties from the narrow roads that you will meet. However, the caves with amazing stalactites and landscapes are the motivation for you to move forward.
Na Ka Plum Valley: the valley is located far from Tea Farm of the town more than 15 km. This is the wonderful landscape the endless plum garden. If you come here in the time of blossom flowers, you have chance to see the white valley with plum flower color. If you come here in the harvest, you have chance to join the exciting competition day of picking the plums.
Dai Yem Waterfall: the waterfall is located in Muong Sang Commune. It is far from Moc Chau Town nearly 10 km. The waterfall is the system of two main waterfalls and the lakes with the pure water and wonderful sightseeing around.


Love Market: it is organized from August 31st to September 2nd in Moc Chau Town. This is one of the best times for you to understand the local culture with typical features interesting.
Xip Xi Tet: belong to ceremony of Thai Group in here. The ceremony is happened in July 14th in Lunar Time of the year.
Hoa Ban Festival: this is one of the big events of the local people in Moc Chau Town. The festival is happened in February of the lunar time of the year.
Het Cha Festival: the festival is considered the end time of the Hoa Ban Festival. It is happened in March of the lunar time of the year.
And there are many other unique festivals in the town.

Local specialties

There are many specialties in Moc Chau. You can taste here in the town different local dishes cooked from mustards, local pork, veal, spring fishes,…For your gifts from Moc Chau, you can buy local plum, local peaches, milk, milk candies dried bamboo shoots  and other typical specialties.