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Trung Duong Restaurant

Trung Duong Restaurant
Add: No. 136, Road 30/4, Ward 1, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island
Serve: Seafood, local food, Vietnamese food

Trung Duong Restaurant is one of the wonderful restaurants in Phu Quoc Island. It is located not far from Duong Dong Town. Trung Duong has the ideal location close with Duong Dong River. So, the view from the restaurant becomes one of the advantages attracted people who come to enjoy their meals.

Space and set up table

Trung Duong Restaurant is wide about 2000m2. The restaurant can serve 1000 pax in the same time. There are different areas to serve different requires about the space and group size. If you love the open space, you can choose the outer area that close with the garden. In the case that you have a big group, this area is suitable for your group in the fresh and comfortable to the crowded group.
There is the private room and inter space suite with small groups or customers who love the private space. So you are in small group or private space, this area is the good choice for you. The private room or VIP room with all needed amenities may serve 60 pax.

For food and menus

There are more than 100 dishes in Trung Duong Restaurant. You can find here the fresh seafood with different way in preparing. The typical dishes here are such as rice with crabs, crab hot spot, fish salad, steamed squids, steamed shrimps, snails etc. One of the best dishes here is considered the fish salad. Most of guests who come here, love to enjoy this dish with their satisfaction.
The menus here are rich in foods. It is easy for you to choose the menu that you love to enjoy.

About the price

Related to the price for foods in Trung Duong Restaurant, you can find the average level for foods and menus. It is not expensive. For the delicious fish salad, the price is about 125.000Vnd (for 2 servings), the fried rice with seafood is about 125.000Vnd (for 2 servings); a hot spot is about 190.000Vnd (for more 2 servings), etc.