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Con Tien Floating Restaurant

Con Tien Floating Restaurant

Add: Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward A, Chau Doc Town, An Giang Province
Serves: Local food, Vietnamese food, Seafood

Con Tien Floating Restaurant is one of the special places for food in Chau Doc Town; it is noticed by the location with the view to river firstly. Guests who come to this restaurant, have chance to enjoy their great meal also the romantic view interestingly.

Space and set up table

Con Tien Floating Restaurant is large with its scale of 300 seats. There are 2 floors where both have the river view. The restaurant has its décor simple and wonderful location that create the fresh air. There are different areas that suite to each case for meals here.  
For your small group with the request of private space, you may choose the private room or some part in the first floor. In the case you need the large space and open space, the second floor is more suitable.

For food and menus

Con Tien Floating Restaurant prepares the rich menu including local dish, Vietnamese dishes mainly. You can find here the simple dishes such as spring rolls, fried vegetable, noodle soups, beef cooked in different ways, pork cooked in different ways, rice and salad.
The restaurant also serves some dishes prepared in European or Asian style if you request. If you want to have the seafood, there is the rich list of seafood including snails, shrimps, crabs, squids, oysters etc.
For booking the meals here, you may choose the dishes that you love to enjoy. Try to ask the restaurant to have your balance menus. In the case that you do not choose the dishes separately, you may have the menus that set by the restaurant. There are many different menus with the price about 100.000Vnd per serving to 150.000Vnd per serving.

About the price

Con Tien Floating Restaurant is the favorite local restaurant to many people included local people and also tourists. The restaurant is suitable with guests about the average price in the local area. The dishes in variety are about 30.000Vnd per serving to 90.000Vnd per serving. The set menus are in the price of 100.000Vnd per serving to 150.000Vnd per serving.