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Chang Chang Restaurant

Chang Chang Restaurant
Add: 1A Highway, Luong Ninh Commune, Quang Ninh District, Quang Binh Province
Serve: Local food, sea food

Chang Chang Restaurant is one of the new restaurants in Quang Binh recently. Chang Chang Restaurant is located far from Dong Hoi City about 4 km to the South. This is the local nice restaurant that owns the ideal location on the bank of Nhat Le River. Beside, the restaurant is settled in the convenient location on the road to famous destinations in Quang Binh Province such as Phong Nha Cave, Dong Hoi City etc.

Space and set up table

There are different areas for you to set up the tables as you wish. The 1st Floor is the warm place for family parties or normal events that requested the close space. This area is for 140 seats with the elegant décor. If you need the larger area with the formal space, you may move to 2nd floor of the restaurant. There are 180 seats that can be served. This area is used for formal events and even conference. For special case and private space you may choose VIP room with more than 20 seats. And for the romantic dinner or events that requested the open space, the garden area is the best choice. The garden has its romantic view from Nhat Le River. This is the area where the BBQ and garden buffets are organized.

For food and menus

Serve the main menus in which included local dishes, Chang Chang Restaurant give you the wonderful flavor of local dishes with their typical features. You can find here different local dishes with fresh seafood cooked skillfully. There are some special dishes in the restaurant that are loved to enjoy such as fried rice, fried rice with seafood, grilled seafood and fried mussels etc.

About the price

Compared with other restaurants in the province, Chang Chang Restaurant is arranged in the high price level. However it is acceptable by clients who satisfied with the quality of services, services attitude and the food here. Chang Chang Restaurant is one of the preferred restaurants in Quang Binh Province despite its price is higher than the other local restaurants.