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Ancient Hue Restaurant

Ancient Hue Restaurant
Add: 104/47 Kim Long Street, Hue City
Serve: Vietnamese food, Hue Cuisine
Ancient Hue Restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Hue City in the different aspects. It is located not far from Hue center. Many people who love the décor here by the ancient features in Hue style to be reminiscent the royal time in the past. Ancient Hue Restaurant is attracting tourists who love the nature by the large garden around.

Ancient Hue Restaurant is well known also by the wonderful cuisine. You can find here the typical dishes in Hue style and royal style. There are the experienced chefs who live in Hue and have the long time in serving. They know how to cook perfect dishes to satisfy anyone who love to experience Hue cuisine.

Space and set up table

There are different areas with the separated themes to serve. It is considered the small restaurants arranged in the large area of Ancient Hue Restaurant. There is Royal Area where arrange Royal Tables with the royal dishes. This area is for 50 pax to experience the royal cuisine and also the way how to dine in royal tradition. However Royal Area is the space for family party warmly and closely if you do not have request about royal cuisine or royal manner.
If you love to experience the modern space or request the place for events related to your business, you may choose Ngoc Ho Area. The area is decorated quite luxurious to be sure an appropriate space for your party in the moderate scale.
In the case that you have a very big group size with 100 guests, Kim Long Area is the place where you may concern. The area is in the 2nd floor of the Ancient Hue House. The restaurant is displayed Hue traditional architecture. It is the warm space for your party.

For food and menus

Hue is the home of art of cuisine and of course you have chance to understand about this art as in Ancient Hue Restaurant. You can find in the restaurant the normal dishes cooked by Hue chefs to taste the local flavor through the time. Beside, you may enjoy the art in cuisine by the royal way in cooking with the pinnacle of culinary and decorative presentation.
If you have your small group you may choose an A la cart menu in the rich list offered. In the case you have your big group; you may ask the restaurant or travel agency who book for you the table some advice about the dishes. They help you to collect some typical dishes to enjoy both flavors and art in the cuisine. You should do that because there are a hundred of climax dishes in art of cuisine in Hue from the normal dishes to royal cuisine or from the main dishes to the world of desserts.

About the price

There are different areas to serve you and the varied menus so the price in Ancient Hue Restaurant is not the matter with anyone. Depend on your request of menu, the using food and finance for the table; it is not so difficult to you who can find the menu with suitable price for yourself.