“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Ninh Chu – the calm beach of Ninh Thuan Province


Ninh Chu is the very famous beach of Ninh Thuan Province. Sometimes, tourists who know about Ninh Chu Beach before the time they know about the name of Ninh Thuan or Phan Rang Thap Cham which is the center city of this province.
Ninh Chu Beach is located far from Phan Rang Thap Cham City more than 5 km. It belongs to Ninh Hai District which is considered one of the emerging destinations of Ninh Thuan Province. Ninh Chu Beach is the ideal place for beach time to many people from other provinces and foreigners for many years.

Climate: The weather is temperate round year, so you can reach this beach any time if you want. There is not so special attention about the climate in this area. So it is wonderful for all people who love to come here for their beach holiday if they have free time.
Transportation: Travel conveniently by land to the beach and from it to other places.
The distance is for reference as below:
From Ninh Chu to Nha Trang City:  95 km
From Ninh Chu to Da Lat City:  102 km
From Ninh Chu to Phan Thiet City:  153 km
From Ninh Chu to Vung Tau City:  312 km
From Ninh Chu to Ho Chi Minh City: 332 km
From Ninh Chu to Ha Noi Capital: 1350 km


Ninh Chu Beach in the reality is the long beach consists of different beaches base on the wind direction from Phan Rang Bay. And it should be determined then you can choose the agreeable beach for your beach time here.
Ninh Chu Beach: Ninh Chu Beach is the main beach from Sai Gon Ninh Chu Resort to Aniise Resort. It is considered the best beaches in Ninh Chu Area with the white sand and gentle wind and ideal resorts. Ninh Chu Beach is so nice for the simple relax time on the beach.     
Binh Son Beach: the beach is from Bau Truc Resort to the park. This is the beach which is affected by the wind more than Ninh Chu Beach because of its location in the center of Phan Rang Bay.  
Dong Hai Beach: the beach is from Son Long Thuan to Dong Hai Port. There are the strong waves in this area by the strong wind from September to January. So this area is good for water sports more than two rest beaches.

Activities on the beach

Waiting the sunrise and sunset: the whole Ninh Chu Beach is the ideal place for you to watch the sunrise or sunset. You will have the unforgettable moment because of the amazing view here.
Relax and sunbath: Ninh Chu Beach and Binh Son Beach are the calm beaches where you can relax and sunbath on the beach all day. The sunny beach with the gentle wind here is to be sure that please you.
Water Sport: You can experience the water sports in the Dong Hai Beach Area. This beach is the place where many tourists love to challenge themselves with windsurfing and kite surfing. Especially there is the international kitesurfing which is organized here each year. This is the big event in Ninh Chu Beach that attracts many tourists and kitesufers.  
Camping on the beach: Camping on the beach is one of the favorite of many tourists who come to Ninh Chu. Especially for the big group who has their plan for outside activities like teambuilding. Of course camping on the beach is also attractive to small group or people who love to experience the time of sunrise and sunset.
Enjoy the seafood and drinking: For the time of relaxing, enjoy the fresh seafood, coffee, soft drink etc are the interesting activities for all people. It makes the beach time to be more gentle and enjoyable.

The tours connected with Ninh Chu Beach

Ninh Chu Beach – Vinh Hy Bay: this is the popular tour to all tourists who come to Ninh Chu. Have a boat tour from Ninh Chu to explore Vinh Hy Bay is the memorable time with wild sightseeing, the rich ocean world impressed by the colorful corals.
Ninh Chu Beach – Poklong Garai Temple: if you are person who love to know about the ancient culture and architecture, you may choose the tour to visit Poklong Garai Temple from Ninh Chu Beach. The Cham Culture and special architecture are opened to you with amazing features.
Ninh Chu Beach – Grapefruits Garden: Phan Ranh Thap Cham city is called the home of grapefruit in Vietnam. So you love to explore the farming life, should take a trip to visit local grapefruit gardens. This is the meaningful trip that you know about the local farming activities, also taste the specialties made from grapefruit such as local wine.

Ninh Chu Beach – Binh Tien Beach: the focus thing in this tour is the view along the road with the impressive wild. However the road lead to Binh Tien Beach is on the time of construction so you can take the trip by motorbike only. Of course this is the value experience for whom who loves to explore the nature in the simple way.