“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Da Lat City – the tourist city of the Lam Vien Highland


Da Lat City is the value destination for the tour to highland in Vietnam for long time. The city is called the Flower City or Mountain City or the Pine City and many other names that be named by its feature.
Located in the highland of the country, Da Lat City is the ideal place for relax with the wonderful climate of the cool highland city round year all. Da Lat is also the interesting points in the tour from the South Central by changing of the climate from the sea area to the mountain one.

Ward and Commune: In the city, there are 12 wards such as Ward 1, Ward 2, and Ward 3. There are 4 communes in the city such as Ta Nung, Tram Thanh, Xuan Tho and Xuan Truong.
Tourist places: The main destinations are in the wards such as Ward 1, Ward 3 and Ward 5. However, you can find the interesting places for visiting in the city because the scattered destinations.
Climate: Da Lat City is in the mountain climate so the weather is cool year round all. The temperature average is from 17 C degree to 18 C degree. There is the gap between the temperatures in day and night. The rain time in here is in July, September and October. There is the fog from February to May and from September to October. The golden time for travelling in Da Lat is from the end of November to March. The time from April to the end of June is also good for visiting this city.
Transportation: Travel conveniently by land, airlines to the city and from it to other places.
The distance is for reference as below:
From Da Lat to Bao Loc City: 113 km
From Da Lat to Ninh Chu Beach, Ninh Thuan Province: 102 km
From Da Lat to Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province:  136 km
From Da Lat to Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province:  174 km
From Da Lat to Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province:  173 km
From Da Lat to Ho Chi Minh City:  288 km


Xuan Huong Lake: the large lake is located in the center city.  This is considered one of the natural simple of Da Lat. The lake is more than 5 km long. And people call it as the heart of this romantic city.
Thuy Ta: or the house on the lake - it is the ideal place for coffee and viewing of Xuan Huong Lake and the life of Da Lat round there. It locates on the bank of Xuan Huong Lake.
Tuyen Lam Lake: the lake is more than 350ha in square. It is the wonderful place for walking, viewing, camping, relaxing, staying rested etc. The lake is located far from Da Lat center more than 5 km to the south.
XQ Su Quan: the wonderful place where the embroidered art. You can find here the great picture embroidering that you may have never ever seen. The destination is in Ward 8 in Ad Lat City. It is so not far from city center.  
Ad Lat Train Station: Ad Lat Train Station is the oldest station of the country with the architecture in French Style. The station is far from Da Lat Center nearly 2 km.
Truc Lam Zen Monastery Da Lat: or called Truc Lam Temple. The temple is close with Tuyen Lam Lake. There is the cable car in this area and you can view the area interestingly. Truc Lam Temple has its typical architecture, wonderful location, colorful flower garden and pine forest around.
Da Lat Cathedral: or called Chicken Church as local name informally. This is the typical Christian church in Da Lat with the impressive architecture in French Style. The church is located far from city center just some kilometers.
Domaine de Marie Church: or called Mai Anh Church because it is located in Mai Anh Hill. The church is not far from city center. It has the very special architecture because there is the combination between the European style and local style.
Lang Biang Mountain: the mountain is called the roof of the highland by its high. The mountain is attached with the sad love story of Lang and Biang as a romantic and everlasting love story through the time. You can conquer the mountain by the trail or by jeep car interestingly. From the top of the mountain you will have the incredible view of Da Lat city from the high.
Datanla Waterfall: the famous waterfall is located in the entrance of the city. It is about 20m high with 7-story. The area around is the rich forest and challenged terrain for trekking. The waterfall is far from Da Lat center about 10 km.
Prenn Waterfall:  the waterfall is about 20 m to 30 m high with the pine forest around. This is the area is invested carefully to serve tourists before they come in or come out of the city. There are shopping store, restaurant with some tasty dishes, cable car and entertainment for you to experience. The waterfall is far from Da Lat center about 10 km. It is far from Datanla about 4 km.
Pongour Waterfall: Pongour is considered the best waterfall in Lam Dong Province. It is located far from Da Lat City about 50 km. The waterfall is called the masterpiece of the Nature by it’s the special view.  
And there are many other wonderful destinations which are waiting for you to visit.


Flower Festival: this is the big event of the city. The festival is happened in December each two year. In the festival there are many type of flower which are displayed, showroom of flower and seeds. This is also the chance for the farmers who share their experience and the business men in the field meet together to trade.
Gong Chieng Festival: the festival is for gongs music that recognized by UNESCO. There are many different activities in the festival.  
Tea Festival: Lam Dong Province is the land of tea and coffee so Tea Festival is also the big event of the city. The festival is happened in the end of each two year.
And there are many other unique festivals in the city.

Local specialties

Da Lat is called the home of strawberry, fresh vegetable, tea, coffee, wine and jams. You can find here in the city many different specialties. Related to cuisine, it is true that Da Lat is not the place for famous cuisine such as Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang or Mekong Delta. However you can find the tasty local dishes in Da Lat style of cooking. The dishes are gentle about its flavor like Da Lat people style. This tourist city is famous with street food. They are the simple dishes but they are really delicious in the highland climate.