“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Quan Lan Island – the hidden peaceful island in the North of Vietnam


Quan Lan Island is the peaceful island in Quang Ninh Province with the potential for tourism that started drew attention just some few years ago. Still this moment the island has not been affected by the smokeless industry, so the wild has been maintained.
From Ha Long, it takes more than an hour for transfer by boat to Quan Land Island. And then you may take a tuk tuk to the island center for some minutes.

Commune: Quan Land Island belongs to Van Dong District in Quang Ninh Province and there are two communes in the island. They are Quan Lan Commune and Minh Chau Commune.  
Tourist places: Quan Lan Commune and Minh Chau Commune.
Climate: The climate in Quan Land Island is in the climate of Bai Tu Long Bay. It is not so complicated. The average temperature is 25 C degree. The best time for travelling here is in the summer from May to July.
Transportation: Travel conveniently by the sea to the island and from it to other places.
The distance is for reference as below:
From Quan Lan Island to Ha Noi: more than 190 km
From Quan Lan Island to Ha Long City: more than 1 hour by boat
The route for transfer by boat:
Route 1: Hon Gai Pier, Ha Long City – Quan Lan Island by boat or speed boat.
Route 2: Cai Rong Port, Van Don District – Quan Land Island by boat or speed boat.


Quan Lan Beach: the beach belongs to Quan Lan Commune. This is one of three best beaches in the island by the wild and long sand beach. The beach is more bustle than other beached by its location that is near the center of Quan Lan Commune. You can find here the services for your beach time such as local market, local restaurants.
Son Hao Beach: the beach is belongs to Minh Chau Commune and far from Quan Lan Beach some kilometers. It is considered in the middle position between Quan Lan Beach and other famous beach named Minh Chau Beach.  
Minh Chau Beach: Minh Chau Beach is belongs to Minh Chau Commune. The beach is far from Quan Land Beach more than 10 kilometers. Minh Chau Beach is the wonderful place for water activities on the beach and water sports.   
Quan Lan Temple: the local temple that was built for long time ago with the impressive architecture. The temple is considered that was built in 17th century. It is the place where you can find and understand about the spiritual life of the local people.
Minh Chau Pier: the pier is in Minh Chau Commune. It is located far from the center of the commune about 2 km. The place is considered the best place for watching the sunrise.


Quan Lan Temple Festival: it is organized in June of the lunar time each year in Quan Lan Temple in Quan Lan Commune. This is the biggest event in the island.

Local specialties

Mentioned about the food in Quan Lan Island, the best thing that should be emphasized is local seafood. You can find here the best seafood ever with different types cooked simply and cheap prices.