“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Cat Ba Island – the pearl island in the North of Vietnam


Belongs to Cat Ba Archipelago and Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City, Cat Ba Island is the famous place for beach holiday for a long time to the tourists in the North. Cat Ba Island is the destination that connects with Ha Long Bay to make some great beach routes.
Cat Ba Island is called the pearl island of the North. It is the largest island in Ha Long Bay and was recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve of the world in 2004 by its rich eco system. So the island is not only for travelers who love the beach time but also for whom who love to explore the rich nature in here.

Commune: Cat Ba Island had the changes in the long history of administration. The main town of the Cat Ba Island is Cat Ba Town which manages the small islets in the archipelago. There are 6 communes in Cat Ba Town. They are Gia Luan, Hien Hao, Phu Long, Tran Chau, Viet Hai and Xuan Dam.
Tourist Place: There are two main points in the island for tourism. They are the beaches along the town for relax, water sports and the national park for exploring activities.
Climate: Cat Ba Island is in the monsoon climate area with typical feature of the ocean climate. The time for visiting Cat Ba Island is the whole year. However, the attention for you is the time of July and August because it is rain much more than other months of the year.
Transportation: Travel conveniently by the sea to the island and from it to other places. It is possible to transfer to the island by the land combined with the ferry.

The distance is for reference as below:
From Cat Ba Island to Ha Noi Capital: 160 km
From Cat Ba Island to Hai Phong City: 53 km
From Cat Ba Island to Ha Long City:  143 km
From Cat Ba Island to Tuan Chau Island, Ha Long City:  135 km

The routes for transfer by boat:
Hai Phong – (speed boat) - Cat Ba Island
Ha Long City – Ha Long Bay – by boat or cruise - Cat Ba Island
Tuan Chau Island – (by boat) - Ha Long Bay -  Gia Luan Pier – (by car) - Cat Ba Town.

The route for transfer by car combined ferry:
Hai Phong (by car) – Dinh Vu Pier (by ferry) – Cat Hai Town – (by car) - Cat Ba Town


The beaches: there are the main beaches in the island for relax such as Cat Co I, Cat Co II, Cat Dua Beach ( Monkey Island), Cat Ong Beach, Duong Danh, etc. The beaches are not far from town center so it is convenient to come to relax.  
National Park: with more than 15.000 ha, the national park here is the ideal eco system for eco tourism. This is the wonderful worlds for whom who love to explore the nature in the island.  
Trung Trang Cave: the amazing cave with fabulous stalactites that attract people strongly. The cave is located far from island’s center more than 10 km.
Hung Son Cave:  the cave has its other name is Quan Y Cave. It is the large cave and far from the center of the island about 13 km.
The road on the island: this is the wonderful road which is 27 km long and leads you to go around the island with the spectacular natural pictures along.
Lan Ha Bay: one of the best places for you to explore when you have time to come to Cat Ba Island. There is a floating market, fishing village and nice beaches for swimming.  
Viet Hai Fishing Village: the small fishing village that locates separated with all other places. It is so quite and simple village with the impressive natural view surrounding.   
And other wonderful destinations in the island.


Fish Festival or Boat Racing Festival: it is organized in 1st April each year with the emphasized activity is boat racing excitingly.
Van Tra Village’s Festival: the festival is happened in Van Tra Village in the January each year. There are interesting traditional activities in the festival.
And there are many other unique festivals in the island.

Local specialties

You can find here the best thing in the food world of the island is seafood of course. The dishes you should taste here such as steamed geo-ducks, grilled oysters and the dishes cooked from crabs.