“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Cam Ranh – an emerging destination in The South Central of Vietnam


Cam Ranh is the second biggest city in Khanh Hoa Province only after Nha Trang City. It is located in the South of Khanh Hoa Province. Compared with Nha Trang city that has been the famous place for tourism in the province, Cam Ranh City was the silent city before. Tourists knew it with Cam Ranh Airport where serves the flights to arrive in or depart from Nha Trang City. And after that it is heard about the Cam Ranh Bay that is famous place. That are all information that known about Cam Ranh in the past.
However, this is the potential destination with different landscapes that are apparent increasingly. Nowadays, Cam Ranh is recognized as one of the emerging destination for tourism in the South Central of the country. And there are many people who know about it more and more and day by day.

Ward and Commune: Cam Ranh has its 9 wards such as Cam Loc, Cam Linh, Cam Phu, Cam Nghia, Cam Loi, Ba Ngoi etc. And there are 6 communes in the city such as Cam Binh, Cam Lap, Thanh Nam, Phuoc Dong etc.
Tourist places: Ba Ngoi Ward, Cam Binh Commune, Cam Lap Commune.
Climate: Cam Ranh City is same with Nha Trang City about its climate. The temperature here is good for tourism whole year. The average temperature is from 26 to 27 C Degree. The rain time here from September to December. The dry time is from January to August. The best time for travelling is in the dry time. Of course you can visit the city in the rain time also because there is not any the special case related to weather such as storm.  
Transportation: Travel conveniently by land, airline and train to the city and from it to other places.
The distance is for reference as below:
From Cam Ranh to Nha Trang City: 29 km
From Cam Ranh to Ninh Thuan Province: 82 km
From Cam Ranh to Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province:  157 km
From Cam Ranh to Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province:  148 km
From Cam Ranh to Ho Chi Minh City:  422 km
From Cam Ranh to Ha Noi Capital:  1.282 km


Cam Ranh Bay: it is considered the bay is one of the best bays of Southeast Asia. The bay belongs to Cam Lam Commune. This was the place related the military before. Beside this is one of the ideal positions for the boats because of safety in the time of bad weather on the sea. Although it was limited about the travelling here or exploring as other bay about tourism in the past, however now and in the near future this bay is the promised place as the wonderful place for tourism. Cam Ranh Bay is far from Nha Trang City about 40 km. It is very convenient for transfer with the impressive road along from the city to the bay by the nice landscape.
Cam Ranh Beaches: there are about 20 beaches in Cam Ranh Bay with typical feature of the beaches such as clean beaches, white sand and great view. There are some long beaches till some kilometers in the fresh air and wild landscapes around. The beaches here you may concern like Tau Be Beach, Ngang Beach, Xich Beach, Ong Dung Beach, Lech Beach, Con Beach, the beach in Ngoc Suong Resort etc.
Ngoc Suong Resort: or it has the other name which is Yen Resort. This is the very well known resort in the South Central. It is considered the most scale resort in Cam Ranh City. The resort has its ideal location in Cam Ranh Bay. Ngoc Suong Resort belongs to Cam Lap Commune. It is far from Nha Trang City about 90 km and Cam Ranh Center more than 40 km. It had been the studio outside related to the beach scenes for some famous domestic film by its fascinated view.
Bai Dai Beach: Bai Dai Beach or Dai Beach is the fascinated beach. It is located far from Cam Ranh Center about 15 km. The beach is in the middle of the road from Cam Ranh to Nha Trang.  
Binh Ba Island: it is called the Robinson Island in the South Central of the country by the wild nature with the blue sea and colorful corals. The island is far from the land about 20 km. There is the other name for this island – Lobster Island because there are the lobster farms in the island. However the island is for domestic tourists mostly and now it is limited to explore here to protect the fresh environment.
Binh Lap Hamlet:  the hamlet belongs to Cam Lap Commune. There are many wild and wonderful beaches in here such as Lao Beach, Ngang Beach, and Binh Chau Beach etc. This place is the connecting destination for tourists who love to explore Binh Ba Island.
Hot Spring Cam Ranh: the destination is in Cam Ranh City. It belongs to Ba Ngoi Ward. You can enjoy the mud bath services for health here.


Fish Festival: this is one of the most important festivals of the habitants in the city. The festival is organized in two days in the year with many different activities to celebrate the event.

Local specialties

Cam Ranh City is the beach place so the best thing related to cuisine in here is the seafood and great dished cooked from it. Beside, local chicken dishes and mango paper which are the local specialties you should taste.