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Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant
Saigon Halong Hotel, 168 Ha Long Str., Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province
Serve: Vietnamese food included seafood and local dishes, Asian and European dishes

Talk about the hotels in Ha Long, Saigon Halong Hotel is well known as the first 4 star hotels in Ha Long City. And from here there is Panorama Restaurant which is famous with the ideal view to Ha Long Bay.

About location and décor

Panaroma Restaurant is located in the 14th floor of Saigon Halong Hotel. This great location brings to guests the impressive view like its name which is panorama. Beside, the hotel is located in the convenient place in the city so it is comfortable for you to come to enjoy your meals here.
In the modern style in architecture, Panorama Restaurant has its style that creates the pleasant space. You will see the decoration in the restaurant is simple but with the elegant colors that make people to be light.

Related to food

Panaroma Restaurant is the multiple styles in cuisine. If you love Vietnamese food of course this is the wonderful kitchen for you to enjoy with the tasty traditional dishes cooked by the rich experienced chefs. You can find here the typical dishes in Vietnamese cuisine such as spring rolls with different types, hot spot, Vietnamese salad and wonderful fried dishes. Especially you are a fan of seafood; it is the right place for the freshest seafood. Panorama Restaurant also takes the good role in the delicious flavors of Asia and Europe through the dishes with characteristic taste of each place.

Related services

People said that a good dinner depends on 3 elements in which included space, delicious food and attitude. Attitude here in the restaurant is valued through the way to serve to bring people the good mood and satisfied state. Panorama Restaurant has its responsible staffs who are hard working. They also are people who behave courteously to ensure the guests enjoy their time completely.