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Co Ngu Restaurant

Co Ngu Restaurant
278 Vo Thi Sau Str., Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Serve: Vietnamese food

Co Ngu Restaurant is one of the good restaurant where serve the tasty food in the traditional style in priority. You can find here the warm space in traditional style in architecture also.

Space and set up table

Co Ngu Restaurant has its comfortable space with different areas. There is the garden where set up the outside table for whom who love the open space. From here you may have the small party or family dinner in the evening so good. Of course it is great for day party for groups to celebrate some occasion of for event party. If you love to have the quieter place for your party, you may choose the VIP room with all the needed amenities.

For food and menus

Related to the food from Co Ngu Restaurant, you can find the typical food with Vietnamese flavor. Focus on the green and clean food, Co Ngu Restaurant brings to guests the good meals cooked from the fresh vegetable, pork and poultry in the standard farms. The way of cooking by the chefs with experience is to serve you not only the delicious dishes but also beautiful decoration.
Related to the menus, there are the rich menus for you. It depends on your taste or your purpose of the party. Especially for the parties, you have the good support from the restaurant with best program included the organization, menu and price. Beside the normal menu, there is the point that, the specialties of Co Ngu Restaurant are some special dishes cooked in combination with liquor. It creates the impressive smell and good for health. So if you are interested in the exploration of the cuisine, you may like this point.

About the price

About the price for menus, it is in the acceptable level compared with other famous restaurants in the center of the city. There is some promotion in the year. For each group with the large number of guests, there is the matching price for you from the restaurant.