“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Visit one of the oldest pagodas in the North of Vietnam

It is the pagoda named Nom Pagoda located in Hung Yen Province. It is far from Ha Noi Capital more than 30km. It takes you just more than half an hour for transfer.

Nom Pagoda is considered one of the oldest pagodas in the country. There is still not any document that expressed exact time when the pagoda was build. It just is known that the pagoda was rebuilt in 17th century. Nom Pagoda impresses you by the old architecture that very specific following the ancient architectural style relating to pagodas’ and temples’ architecture in Vietnam. 

Furthermore, Nom Pagoda attracts people because of the wonderful views around with the green garden and the peaceful village beside. Additionally there is the value collection of rich Buddha statues in which more than 120 terracotta statues were made in 18th century. This is now the richest collection of Buddha statue in the country.

So if you have your chance to come to Ha Noi, Vietnam, come to Hung Yen to visit one the most special pagodas and its value terracotta Buddha statues. And you have time for explore the lovely picture around with the calm village and the old bridge by stone to lead you to come into the village, also listen the interesting stories that related to the pagoda which hidden in the pine forest through many hundred of years.