“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Do you know about Can Tho in Vietnam? The city has its own wonderful canal system

Talk about the canal systems, of course all people think about the places such as Venice from Italy, Giethoorn from Netherland, and Bruges from Belgium. However the countries that have their wonderful canal system are not in that limited list. And The Mysterious World shows us this thing.

In July 2015, The Mysterious World announced the list of ten wonderful canal systems in the world and for travelling obviously. In this list, there are some canal systems from Asia such as Suzhou of China, Bangkok of Thailand, Alleppey, Kerala of India and Can Tho of Vietnam. Although Can Tho is the last name in the list but this is the great news for all people who love the tours in Vietnam, especially in Mekong Delta.
Can Tho is the famous land in the past and till now. The city is called the capital of the Mekong Delta by it’s strongly development and also the convenient position for transportation in the area. Of course the city is also the land for tourists who come to explore. One of the typical features of this land for tourists’ experience is the rich canals where they can enjoy the boat tours without tire. It is not so surprised about the tourism value of this city because it was and it is. However the position in the same line with the typical and unique canals of the world by The Mysterious World, this is truly the special gift for the very simple, elegant and lovely city like Can Tho.

Remember to the warm smile from the local people have their boating time on the river. Remember to the sweet sound that the local girls and sing and ride boats passing through the small canals. Can Tho always brings you the memorable and lovely moment like that and it makes people to remember to the city with the warm and the kindness like that.