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Sunrise Dalat Restaurant

Sunrise Dalat Restaurant

Add: 01 Ha Huy Tap Street, Da Nang City
Serve: Vietnamese food, local food
Sunrise Dalat Restaurant is one of the luxury restaurants in Da Lat city. It is located not far from Da Lat Center. The restaurant is the choice of many people for the big events. Established in 2009, Sunrise Dalat Restaurant maintains its inherent elegance and courtesy still these days.
Space and set up table
Sunrise Dalat Restaurant is a wide space with 4 floors for 1000 seats. There are different areas to serve the right requires of events, parties in different scales. Each part in the restaurant is equipped with the amenities to ensure the parties and events to be successful.

For food and menus

Sunrise Dalat Restaurant focuses mainly on Vietnamese food with the rich of menus. There are different delicious dishes you can find here such as traditional spring rolls, salad types, hot spots. Many tasty dishes are arranged in the menu to be suitable with big group with different tastes. Se meals are prepared in the best to bring to people the delicious dishes in here.
For the small groups, the a la carte with the list of full of tasty dishes helps guests who can choose easily the dishes suited their tastes. Beside the wonderful and warm space was the great element that contributes the memorable meal in this restaurant.

About the price

Base on the rich of menus and services, Sunrise Dalat Restaurant has the different price for each case of table booking. For the big group you can deal with the restaurant before your plan. Let them know your budget, your request of table set up and your group scale, the restaurant will help you to complete a suitable price for the package. In the case you have no opinion of setting up or idea or budget, you can take advice here first. It is very useful for a package that consulted carefully before booking.

In the small group, it is easier in all situation because the restaurant can offer you the price base on a la carte with serving food listed or table setting up with the budget that you can pay.