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Ganh Hao Restaurant

Ganh Hao 1: 03 Tran Phu Street, Ward 5, Vung Tau City
Ganh Hao 2: 09 Ha Long Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City
Serves: Seafood, Vietnamese food, European & Asian dishes

Ganh Hao Restaurant is the well known name in Vung Tau City. With the beginning of one restaurant, the name now is the system with 2 restaurants included Café Shop where guests and enjoy the wonderful time and have attractive view of the sea.  

Space and set up table

Ganh Hao Restaurant is the open space with the fresh atmosphere by the location close with the beach. The restaurant is the ideal place for outer parties for groups. There are two areas in Ganh Hao Restaurant. The inter area is the restaurant with the open door. The outer area is closer the beach with the open space completed. So depend on your comfort that close with the beach or not, you can choose the place to set up your table suitably.
Ganh Hao Restaurant is large enough for the big groups. Many big group who have beach holidays in Vung Tau, choose this restaurant for their dinner and parties. For the teambuilding or the event that combined with parties, there will be the stage set up to bring the professional program with all needed services and equipments.
Ganh Hao Restaurant is high valued about the setting up table and services. The enthusiastic and attentive staffs here is one of the factors that help the guests have their happy time in their meals here.

Related to food

Ganh Hao Restaurant is firstly well known by the fresh seafood. There are the rich menu of seafood served with different seafood such as shrimps, snails, crabs, squids, fishes, oysters, hot spot seafood and vegetarian food.
There are 2 types of menus to serve. They are the menus for big groups and menu for small group or individuals. This is the appropriate arrangements from the restaurant to ensure the balance of the different dishes in each menu. It and focuses on nutrition and the balance in flavor to bring the guests the delicious meal.
Ganh Hao Restaurant serves mainly about 100 dishes related different style in cooking. They are the traditional way, European style or Asian style in general to rich the meal and satisfy every taste.

Related to the price

Ganh Hao Restaurant has it’s the different menus with different price. You can take your reference before setting up your table. The big groups usually have their favorable policies suit with their scale and the finance that they will pay. There is always the discussion between big groups and the restaurant to be sure the benefits to guests in different ways.
For small groups, the price here in Ganh Hao Restaurant is not the problem to be wondered. The price is considered in the average levels compared with other places in the city. Each dish is in the average price of more than 100.000 Vnd and more. For some soup, its price is about more than 40.000 Vnd per serving.
The only thing you should check before choosing your dishes, let check the seafood price before you book because the restaurant serves the fresh seafood and it has different price base on the season may be.