“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Phan Thiet City – “the capital of resorts”


Phan Thiet is the second attractive beach city in the South Central of Vietnam after Nha Trang City. Phan Thiet City belongs to Binh Thuan Province. It is called “the capital of resorts” because there are many resorts that located in Mui Ne to serve tourists’ beach holidays.
Phan Thiet City is bordered with the East Sea in the East. There is a river named Ca Ty River in the center of the city. The river divides the city into two parts with different functions of administration and economic development.

Ward and Commune: There are 14 wards in the city such as Binh Hung, Duc Nghia, Duc Thang, Ham Tien, Mui Ne, Phu Hai and Xuan An Wards etc. Phan Thiet has its 4 communes like Phong Nam, Thien Nghiep, Tien Loi and Tien Thanh Communes etc.
Tourist places: Ham Tien Ward, Mui Ne Ward, Phu Hai Ward, Thien Nghiep Commune and Tien Thanh Commune.  
Climate: Phan Thiet is in the tropical climate area. It is dry around year and not much rain. The average temperature in here is 26 to 27 C degree. The time is for travelling round year. However you may pay your attention that it is very hot in April and May because this is the hottest time in the city.
Transportation: Travel conveniently by land and train to the city and from it to other places.
The distance is for reference as below:
From Phan Thiet City to Ho Chi Minh City:  197 km
From Phan Thiet City to Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province: 171 km
From Phan Thiet City to Vung Tau City: 161 km
From Phan Thiet City to Nha Trang City: 243 km
From Phan Thiet City to My Tho City, Tien Giang Province (Mekong Delta):  250 km
From Phan Thiet City to Phan Rang Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Province:  148 km
From Phan Thiet City to Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province (Highland):  311 km
From Phan Thiet City to Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province:  367 km
From Phan Thiet City to Da Nang City:  761 km
From Phan Thiet City to Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province:  743 km
From Phan Thiet City to Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province:  850 km
From Phan Thiet City to Ha Noi Capital:  1499 km


Phan Thiet Water Tower: this is the old water tower in the city. It was built in 1928. It is located on the bank of Ca Ty River. The water tower is nice when the night is falling down because of its lights.  
Mui Ne Beach: the beach is located in Mui Ne Ward. It is far from Phan Thiet City center more than 20 km. The beach is considered the symbol of tourism in Phan Thiet with a thousand of resorts along the beach. Because of this, it becomes the capital of resorts with all scales and rich services to tourists who come to relax on their beach time.   
Mui Ne Sand Hill: this is the large sand hill that is located not far from Mui Ne Beach. Mui Ne Sand Hill is the attractive place for viewing and photographing.
Suoi Tien: or Fairy Spring. The spring is located nearly Mui Ne Sand Hill. This is the destination which is connected in the tour of visiting Mui Ne Sand Hill. There are many sand stalactites in this area to make the spring like the picture in the fairy story.
Hon Rom:  there is the long beach in here. It is located in Mui Ne Ward. Hon Rom is considered one of the best places for you to see the sunset in Phan Thiet City.  
Doi Duong Beach: the beach is located in the city. It is the public beach where gather many tourists and local habitants who come here to relax and swim everyday.
Po Sah Inu Tower: it is the very famous Champa Tower in Phan Thiet City. The tower is located far from Phan Thiet Center more than 5 km. It was built in the period of 8th and 9th century with impressive and typical architecture in Champa Style.
Ong Pagoda: Ong pagoda or Ong Temple is the oldest pagoda in Phan Thiet City. It is located in Duc Nghia Ward in the city. The pagoda has its Chinese architecture.
Mountain Pagoda: the pagoda is also called Ta Cu Mountain Pagoda because its location in Ta Cu Mountain. It is located far from Phan Thiet City center more than 25 km. This is the large pagoda where kept many huge Buddha statues.
Bau Trang: This is the name that called by the local people for a fresh water lake. It is located far from Phan Thiet City center more than 60 km to the north east. The lake view is so attractive by its wild and pure in the huge nature around.
Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street: the road is called Pho Tay or the road for tourists in Phan Thiet. This is the area where gathers tourists for relaxing, walking, enjoying services here in the restaurants, bars, café etc.


Thay Thim Temple Festival: This is on of the very important festival of local people. It is happened in Thay Thim Temple in Lagi Town. The festival is organized in September each year.
Fish Festival: the festival is organized in June in the lunar time each year. The festival is happened in Van Thuy Ty Temple in the city.  
Mid-Autumn Festival: the festival is for children but it is the big event in the city to adults also. The festival is happened in the August in lunar time in Phan Thiet City.
Boating Race Festival: the wonderful boating race is happened in Ca Ty River in Phan Thiet city in to welcome the New Year.
Kate Festival: the festival is organized from September 25th to October 5th each year by Cham people in Phan Thiet City.  
And there are many other unique festivals in the city.  

Local specialties

Phan Thiet City is considered the wonderful place for tasting the good food. There are many local dishes and specialties in here such as seafood, local fish noodles, fish salad, local cakes, fish sauce, fish hot pot, chicken rice, one sun dried squid, etc.