“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Dong Van - amazing picture of the plateau in the North of Viet Nam


Dong Van District belongs to Ha Giang Province. This is the famous name that attached with Dong Van Plateau. People also call it as the heaven for travelling by its special features.
Dong Van Town is bordered with China to the North. It is the northernmost town of the country.

Commune: There are two main towns in Dong Van. They are Dong Van and Pho Bang. Beside there are more than 15 communes in this area such as Lung Cu Commune, Lung Phin, Pho Cao, Sa Phin, Sung La, Ta Phin, Van Chai etc.   
Tourist places: Dong Van Town, Lung Cu Commune, Ta Phin Commune.
Climate: Dong Van is in the monsoon climate in which has the typical feature of continental nature. Although there are four seasons in the area but there are 2 periods that you can find clearly they are the rain time from May to October and the dry time from November to April. The best time for travelling here is in the dry time.  
Transportation: Travel conveniently by land to the town and from it to other places.
The distance is for reference as below:
From Dong Van to Ha Noi Capital: 403 km
From Dong Van to Ha Giang City: 142 km
From Dong Van to Sapa, Lao Cai Province: 370 km
From Dong Van to Yen Bai Province:  341 km
From Dong Van to Tuyen Quang Province:  295 km
From Dong Van to Bac Kan Province:  249 km
From Dong Van to Cao Bang Province:  191 km


Dong Van Karst Plateau: the plateau belongs to Global Geoparks Network. It is well known by UNESCO 2010 as in the role of the only karst plateau of Vietnam. Dong Van Karst Plateau has its large area with a part that located in Dong Van Town.
Dong Van Ancient Town: located in the center of Dong Van Town with the old houses where you can find the architecture impressive. There are the houses where you can enjoy coffee interestingly.  
Lung Cu Flag Tower: this is the flag located in Lung Cu Mount. It is in the area of Lung Cu Commune. From the position of the flag tower you have the amazing view of nature here with the terrace rice fields, peaceful village.
Vuong Palace:  the famous villa which is located in the valley in Dong Van Town. It is one of the old villas with the wonderful architecture. It was built elaborately and costly.


Buckwheat Flower Festival: it is organized In October in Dong Van Town because this is the best time of blooming.
Mong Festival: this is the festival of Mong Ethnic Group in Dong Van. It is organized in February each year.   
Khen Mong Festival: The festival is happened in September of the year.
And there are many other unique festivals in the town.

Local specialties

There are different specialties in Dong Van District such as smoked buffalo meat, thắng cố (local dish), Au Tau Porridge, grilled moss, local sausage, local corn liquid, young bamboo shoot and color sticky rice.