“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous



Savannakhet is the famous province of Laos after Vientiane. It is the largest province of Laos and considered the trade center of the country. The province has its long history with the strong development by the location in the central of Laos. Till this time, the province still keeps the very important role of all fields in the country. Especially for the tourism, Savannakhet is well known as a charming destination that attracts people by the old architecture, the landscapes along Mekong River and the friendliness of local people with their rich culture.
Savannakhet Province is bordered with Vietnam to the east and with Thai Land to the west. There is the bridge from Laos to connect with Mukdahan Province of Thailand and the road to connect with Quang Tri Province of Vietnam.

  • Town and Districts: There are Kaisone Phomvihanh that is the city and 15 districts in the province.
  • Climate: The weather is good in Savannakhet Province. It is warm whole the year. Of course there are two parts distinct in this province with the wet time from April to October and the dry time from November to March. The average temperature is from 22 C degree to 29 C degree. 
  • Transportation: Travel conveniently by land, river way and railway to the city and from it to other provinces.

        The distance (by railway) is for reference as below:
        From Savannakhet to Ha Noi, Vietnam: 731 km
        From Savannakhet to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: 831 km
        From Savannakhet to Quang Tri Province, Vietnam: 300 km
        From Savannakhet to Luangprabang:  774 km
        From Savannakhet to Luang Namtha:  1.086 km
        From Savannakhet to Pakse:  243 km
        From Savannakhet to Thakhek:  128 km
        From Savannakhet to Vang Vieng:  592 km
        From Savannakhet to Mukdahan Province, Thailand:  40 km



  • That Ing Hang: is called Ing Hang Stupa. This is the famous stupa in Savannakhet Province. It is more than 400 years old with its specific and sacred features. The stupa is located in Kaysone Phomvihanh District.
  • Dong Phou Vieng National Protected Area: The place is located far from Phine City about 5 km. It is the rich land for trekking and exploring the wild world. Beside there are more than 30 ethnic village placed in the area in which visitors can know more about the rich local culture of them.
  • Hortay Pidok: it is called Ancient Buddhist Scripts Library. The place is far from center of Savannakhe more than 50 km to the east. This is the impressive destination with the old architecture from 17th century. There are about 4000 value books in here.
  • Heun Hin: called Stone House. It is far from Savannakhet more than 50 km. It is in the list of the houses that were built in the time of King Jayavarman VII in 12th – 13th century. There is famous festival to be held here in the middle of April each year.
  • Wat Xayaphoum: It is considered one of the most beautiful and the oldest temples in Savannakhet. The temple is located in Ban Xayaphoum Village. There are different festivals which are held in here in October of the year like Pimai Laos and Boat Racing Festival.

And there are many other famous destinations in the cities.


  • Boun Pha That Ing Hang: called Ing Hang Festival. It is happened in January each year.
  • Boun Pha That Phonh: or called That Phonh festival. It is happened in February of the year.
  • Buon Pi Mai Lao: or New Year Festival. It is happened on 14th to 16th in April of the year.
  • Boun Suang Heuna: or called Boat Racing Festival. It is happened in October to November each year.   

And there are many other unique festivals in the city.

Local specialties

There are different local specialties in Savannakhet and you may love to taste such as chicken curry, beef noodles, curry soup with pork and blood, fried rice, spicy seafood noodles, fried fish with papaya salad, red and egg laab salad and other typical specialties.