“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Phu Tho Province


Phu Tho is considered the gate to the provinces into the North West of the country. In the past, the province is not the strong tourist destination like other provinces. However Phu Tho now is the potential place for travelling because the province has its advantages to develop the tourism with the nice landscapes, rich local cultures and location conveniently that is near by Ha Noi Capital.

  • Center city: Viet Tri City locates in the west of the province.
  • Districts & town: Phu Tho Town, Cam Khe District, Doan Hung District, Ha Hoa District, Lam Thao District, Phu Ninh District, Tam Nong District, Tan Son District, Thanh Ba District, Thanh Son District, Thanh Thuy District and Yen Lap District.
  • Tourist districts: Viet Tri City and Phu Tho Town
  • Climate: Phu Tho is in the area of the monsoon climate. The average temperature in here is about 23 C degree, so tourists may visit the province around the year. However the best time for coming in the province in March of the lunar year because there is Den Hung Festival considered the biggest festival in here.  
  • Transportation: Travel conveniently by land to the province and from it to other provinces.

         The distance is for reference as below:
         From Phu Tho to Ha Noi: 80 km, can be reached by bus or car
         From Phu Tho to Noi Bai Airport: more than 50 km
         From Phu Tho to Tuyen Quang: 76 km
         From Phu Tho to Yen Bai: 88 km
         From Phu Tho to Vinh Phuc: 30 km
         From Phu Tho to Son La: 233 km
         From Phu Tho to Hoa Binh: 83 km
  • Ethnic groups: There are more than 20 groups who live together in the province. The main groups are Kinh, Muong, Dao, Cao Lan and Mong groups.


  • Tam Giang Temple: the temple locates in Bach Hac ward in Viet Tri City. This is one of the oldest temples in Phu Tho province with the old architecture with the long historic story of the period in the history of the country.
  • Ten Mountain: this is the amazing destination located in Thanh Son district. It is far from Ha Noi city more than 100km. This is the famous mountain is in the Xuan Son National Park that attract people who love to explore the nature.
  • Ly Lake: the lake is one of 10 largest lakes in the province with the fascinated landscape. Ly Lake locates in Yen Lap District. It is far from Viet Tri City more than 50km.
  • Bach Hac Village: It had ever been Phong Chau Town that was the capital of Vietnam in the Hung King’s time. So there are many things to explore here. There are the old temple, pagodas and the landscape that tell you about the history of the country in the Hung King’s time. Now, Bach Hac is the ward of Viet Tri city. This is one of the important destination for tourists who to come to visit Phu Tho Province.
  • Ben Giot Tourism area: the area locates in Bach Hac ward or Bach Hac Village in Viet Tri City. It is about 100 ha in square. You can find here all things needed for your holiday with the hotel, restaurant, amusement park etc.
  • Ai Gioi – Suoi Tien: it is called the Fairy Stream tourist area or God Pond – Fairy Stream that located in Ha Hoa district. The destination is far from Viet Tri city nearly 100km. This is the potential place for eco tourism with the huge mountain, waterfalls, ponds etc. It is considered one of the ideal places now for camping and trekking.
  • Mother Au Co Temple: the temple locates in Ha Hoa District. This is one of the oldest temples in the province. It is especially attached with the legend of Mother Au Co related to the origin of Vietnamese people.
  • Mau Khuon Temple: is in Phu Tho town. This is the temple has its story that existed in the several hundred years. There is the old tree that is thousand years old.
  • Bong Lai Pagoda: the pagoda is called Ha Thach Pagoda. It is in Ha Thach Commune in Phu Tho town. The pagoda locates in a hill that looks to Hong River. This is one of the old pagodas in Phu Tho Province with more than 200 statues that are many years old.
  • Xuan Son National Park: belongs to Tan Son district. It is far from Viet Tri city more than 75 km. The national park has the rich fauna and sauna system. This is the potential eco tourist are of the province where tourists have the amazing time of exploring the nature and also trekking.
  • Hung Temple: this is the famous historic relic that is close with the national festival name Hung Temple Festival. The temple is in Viet Tri city. There is the system of the old temples in the area also the amazing landscape for tourists who explore.
  • Lang Cave: locates in Ten Mountain in Thanh Son commune in Phu Tho city. This is the famous cave in Pho Tho province with the attractive landscape attached with the mystic legends.


  • Du Yen Temple Festival: the festival happens in Du Yen Temple in Chi Tien Commune in Thanh Ba District. The festival is in January each year to pray for the peace and the good weather. However tourists can visit and join in the warm atmosphere and crowded state throughout the time of the Tet holiday to March each year.  
  • Den Hung Temple Festival: the biggest festival in the year to memory the origins and the patriotic tradition. The festival is in 10th of March in Lunar year.
  • Bach Hac Festival: the local festival happens in Bach Lac village from 3rd to 5th January in the lunar year.
  • Chu Hoa Festival: the local festival happens in 5th of January in lunar year in Chu Hoa Commune in Lam Thao district.
  • Mother Au Co Temple Festival: is in 7th July each in Hien Luong Commune. And there are many unique festivals in the province.

Local specialties

There are many local specialties in the province such as local fishes, local sticky rice with the fruit palm tree, local grapefruit, the products from the palm tree, local vegetable from Xuan Son National Park, local cake (cake made from rice flour with the meat inside, its shape is like the ears), cơm lam (the rice cooked in the bamboo tubes) and local tea.