“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Nghe An Province


Talk to Nghe An Province, people says about Cua Lo Beach that is considered the symbol of the tourists of the province. Nghe An is not the province that the point of tourism but it is the potential destination for tourists to travel in the near future.
Nghe An Province locates in North Central of the country. It borders with Thanh Hoa Province to the north, with Ha Tinh province to south, with The East Sea to the east, and with Laos to the west.

  • Center city: Vinh City.
  • Town and Districts: Cua Lo Town, Hoang Mai Town, Thai Hoa Town, Anh Son District, Con Cuong, Dien Chau, Do Luong, Hung Nguyen, Quy Chau, Ky Son, Nam Dan, Nghi Loc, Nghia Dan, Que Phong, Quy Hop, Quynh Luu, Tan Ky, Thanh Chuong, Tuong Duong and Yen Thanh districts.
  • Tourist places: Vinh City, Cua Lo Town, Nam Dan District
  • Climate: Nghe An province is in the tropical monsoon climate region. The dry season in the province is from November to April. The rain time is from May to October. The average temperature is from 23 C degree to 24 C degree. 
  • Transportation: Travel conveniently by land and railway to the province and from it to other provinces.

           The distance is for reference as below:
           From the center of Vinh City to Vinh Airport: 7.1 km
           From Nghe An to Ninh Binh: 201 km
           From Nghe An to Thanh Hoa:  140 km
           From Nghe An to Ha Noi: 291 km
           From Nghe An to Ha Tinh:  49 km
           From Nghe An to Quang Binh:  195 km


  • Cua Lo Beach: the beach is 10km long that located in Cua Lo Town. This is one of the purest beach in the country and the loved beach for local people and also the tourists who come to visit the town.  
  • Ngu Island and Song Ngu Pagoda: there are two islands here with the different high from the sea level. Ngu Island is located far from Cua Lo Beach nearly 5km. The island is well known with the great beach and Song Ngu Pagoda. Song Ngu Pagoda is the old pagoda system with different pagodas in which there is a pagoda was built in 8th century.
  • Trung Kien Village: Trung Kien Village is the ship building village named Hung Lao in the past. The village is in Nghi Loc District with 700 years old of the ship building. This is one of the important old ship building villages in Nghe An province.
  • Kim Lien Site: Kim Lien village is the hometown of Uncle Ho. This is the history destination that attract many people who love to know about the famous person named Ho Chi Minh. There are some places here you can visit such as Sen Village and Hoang Tru Village where Uncle was born and grew up.
  • Bua Cave: the cave is located in Quynh Chau District. It is far from Vinh City about 170km to the north west. The cave is the great destination for you to explore the fascinating stalactites.
  • Destinations in Quy Chau District: There are the famous places in here for you to visit. They are Ethnic Culture Museum and Brocade Village where you will know more about the people’s life in this district with their rich culture.
  • Xao Va Waterfall: the waterfall is in Que Phong District. It is far from Vinh City about 170km to the north west. The waterfall is about 35m high with the pure water that falls down gracefully.
  • Ho Chi Minh Square: the destination is in the center of Vinh City. The square was established in 2000. Till that moment, the square has become the places where happened the important events of Vinh City and the nice site for tourists to visit.
  • Phu Mat National Park: the huge national park has its square that spread out in three districts in Nghe An as Anh Son District, Con Cuong District and Tuong Duong District. There is the rich fauna and flora system, the wonderful waterfalls and springs with pure water for you to explore.

And there are many beautiful sites that waiting for your coming to visit in the province.


  • Sen Village Festival: the festival is happened in the province from 15th to 20th May each year to memory Uncle Ho in the case of his birthday.
  • Con Temple Festival: the festival is happened in 19th to 21st in January in lunar year in Quynh Luu District. The festival is organized to thank to the goddesses who bless always to the villages.
  • Bua Cave Festival: the festival is for welcoming the new year. It is happened from 21st to 23rd in January in lunar year in Quy Chau District.
  • Cuong Temple festival: the festival is to memory the ancestors. It is happened from 12th to 16th in February in lunar year in Dien Chau District.  

And there are many other unique festivals in the province.

Local specialties

There are different local specialties in the province such as chao luon (eel porridge), tuong Nam Dan (the soy sauce from Nam Dan District), banh beo (dirt cakes), chao canh (local noodle soup), local cuttlefishes, local oranges, fish sauce from Cua Hoi area and other typical specialties.