“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Vietnam Railway in general information

Compared with the airway, Vietnam railway seems to be own itself the stable of process with step by step. For more than 100 years from the beginning day, Vietnam railway develop calmly and silently with the first kilometers to full fill the whole country nearly.

The first railway in Vietnam was started in 19th century. It was more than 70km long only. This railway connected Sai Gon with My Tho at that time. 55 year later, the railway was completed with 2.600km long that spread out from the South (excepted Mekong Delta area) to the North. Although in the history, the railway of the country was unconnected completely cause of the war time, but the railway kept the important role and special value in the transportation all the time from the beginning days.            

Recently, for travelling and freight from this province to the other provinces, the railway becomes one of the convenient means to carry people and goods safely with the best cost. Beside the foundation of the railway and the services are improved day by day, so the railway makes people to be comfortable in the choice of using this means more and more. Especially tourists who love to have the round trip in Vietnam, having some routes by the train in their trip will bring them to the special experiences through the peaceful lands with the great landscape along. In fact the railway truly contributes some meaningful things to people’s life in different ways not in the transportation only.